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An Archive of Fabulous Fifties Newsletters, 1996-2019

This Greenstone Digital Library collection consists of periodicals published by the Fabulous Fifties, an informal car club which includes many original Cal Club members. The collection was first distributed on a data DVD (November, 2011) and later made part of (May 15, 2012).

In November, 2013, the documents were renamed with uniform titles and "embedded metadata" was added for better classification. The metadata has also improved finding and searching all issues. See ( for a description of this process.

Back issues from 1996 were scanned in January 2015 and added to the collection, which now is complete except for a few missing issues..

These 112 newsletters and bulletins can be searched in "full-text".

How to find information in the Fabulous Fifties collection

There are 3 ways to find information in this collection:

  • search for particular words that appear in the text by clicking the Search button
  • browse documents by PDF.Title by clicking the Newsletter Title button
  • browse documents by XMP.Date by clicking the Publication Date button
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